Charles F. Coleman Jr.

Mobilizing for Change

Charles F. Coleman Jr. is a seasoned civil rights attorney who specializes in EEO law, human resources solutions, and the support of diversity and inclusion efforts in the workforce. As a former Brooklyn, NY prosecutor turned civil litigator Charles has extensive experience as a trial lawyer and his courtroom acumen is matched only by his leadership abilities, which he displays through his community mobilization and civic activism efforts.

Charles has appeared internationally on various media outlets as a legal and political analyst, writer, and orator. He has been branded as one of the brightest and most well-respected voices in conversations on law, civil rights, criminal justice, and other issues affecting communities of color. Charles gives public talks to businesses, student groups, and other organizations on law, culture, diversity, politics, and social justice issues.

What's his story?

Charles began his legal career as a prosecutor in the Kings County (Brooklyn, NY) District Attorney’s Office. While there, he excelled quickly and was hand-picked to join the specialized Gangs Unit where he prosecuted some of the city’s most dangerous and violent criminals in several high profile cases. For his efforts as a trial attorney and commitment to justice, Charles was awarded the 2007 Law Enforcement appreciation award for excellence and leadership in law enforcement.

Since leaving the DA’s office, Charles has since transitioned to the arena of civil rights, focusing primarily on EEO law while helping to provide diversity and inclusion support to companies seeking to improve their workforce. In an increasingly growing marketplace, Charles understands how to impress upon top executives the importance of not simply creating a more diverse work force and an inclusive work culture, but how to do so within the appropriate boundaries of the law.

In keeping with his focus on civil rights, Charles has also leveraged his powerful voice to speak out in addressing issues related to social justice. Because of his unique perspective as a former prosecutor, Charles is able to speak intelligently and informatively about criminal justice matters in a way that is clear and communicates concepts in a simple and straightforward fashion. This has made him one of the most coveted contributors across television, radio, and web media outlets on an array of topics related to law, race, politics, culture and community.

The E.D.G.E. Movement

While working at the DA’s office, Charles noticed that he was faced with prosecuting a disproportionate number of young people for very serious crimes. He soon discovered that many of these young people lacked direction and strong support systems. It was out of this that he established EDGE Movement NYC. EDGE is an acronym for Empower, Develop, Grow, Educate. EDGE continues to inspire and encourage the next generation of leaders while serving to shed light on the need for more positive examples of manhood for young men while galvanizing the community toward action.

EDGE Movement NYC is an organization which promotes the mental, spiritual, physical, and overall well-being of young people in NYC and beyond. For more information on EDGE Movement NYC, email

CFC40: The Black Superhero Project

CFC40 is a non-profit organization whose sole mission is to support existing groups and organizers in the work they are already doing in communities of color across America. CFC40's theory of change is that anyone can have an impact in community if they just decide to lead where they are. By modeling this change theory, it is the goal of CFC40 to inspire and to engage a new wave leaders to do more where we can, believing that we already have the power and the resources we need to collectively engineer solutions to the issues that we face.

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